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Premium Indicators

Have a specific tool you want to use? We’ve got you covered.

Commando Intelligence

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Commando is an algorithmic market scanner that helps identify leading opportunities in the market for over 100 cryptoassets.

Predator Indicator Package

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The Predator indicator is a popular trend-based trading system. It combines multiple technical indicators to provide varying bullish or bearish biases for multiple asset classes across a wide range of timeframes (30min - monthly are suggested).

Moonraker Indicator

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Moonraker is an easy-to-use, colour-coded indicator that can operate across all financial markets. It uses mean reversion strategies to increase the probability of successful long or short trades, while also managing risk.

DecenTrader Toolkit

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A suite of premium trading tools designed for a wide range of trading conditions: Predator Momentum Oscillator, Terminator, VWAP and TWAP bands, Liquidity and SFP, Macro Indicators for Bitcoin.

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