Build your own Tradingview indicators in seconds.

  • No coding required.
  • Use simple drop down menus.
  • Select multiple indicators, timeframes, and conditions to build into your ideas.
  • Backtest all your creations.
  • Ironman comes pre-loaded with a powerful DecenTrader indicator
  • Fast and easy to use.

Ironman also lets you hook up your indicator to an exchange with ease, so you can bot trade, and also monetize your creations when other people use your bot.

Build, test, then go!

You also get access to interactive dashboards, livestreams, analysis, community forums and live charts when you purchase Ironman package.

Before purchasing, please ensure you have reviewed the frequently asked questions.

Access all these features when you buy Ironman Package


Access to our suite of Bitcoin, Altcoins and NFT dashboards so you get real-time market edge advantages in addition to the tools that you buy.

Discord Community

Learn and copy strategies from our community of traders using the tools.

Analysis by filbfilb & Philip Swift

See how the DecenTrader founders use the tools and analyze the market.


Trading livestreams from filbfilb and Philip Swift each week giving members the inside-track of what is happening in the market.

Bitcoin Live Charts

The most important blockchain and pricing charts, showing key market trends impacting crypto.

FREE powerful indicators

DecenTrader indicators like Terminator, and Liquidity Tool included with each package.

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