Exclusive Community

Traders are often trading in isolation. The Decentrader community zone provides support from around the world sharing insight into trading techniques & ideas covering Traditional and Cryptocurrency markets.

Live Charts with Alerts

Bitcoin live data charts using on-chain and market cycle analysis to provide a unique edge to investors and traders. Providing guidance on when Bitcoin is over or undervalued. Be first to know when live charts hit critical levels by receiving exclusive alerts.


Regular Technical Analysis and market review of the current markets and where opportunities lie – an opportunity to request TA on specific assets and education on specific techniques from filbfilb and Philip Swift.


Regular newsletters issued by filbfilb and Philip Swift with in depth analysis of the Bitcoin market. Site subscribers will have a live review of the analysis by the analysts enabling Q&A around key market talking points.

Risk Management Tools

Access tools to help control position sizing based on risk profile – this tool enables easy calculations for traders to help with risk management and sizing which is often overlooked but critical to the success of any trader.

Trading Journal

Traders can submit charts and analysis to their private journal space to track their performance against their TA and enables running commentary to helping traders constantly self-review and improve.

Position & Portfolio Tracker

Access filbfilb’s live trades! Dedicated live account managed by filbfilb to demonstrate both transparency and insights; we have developed a game changing widget, tracking positions, entries, exits, orders and assets on hand as well as performance over time.

Indicator Package

Exclusive bespoke Tradingview tools created by the DT team including; Intraday VWAP scalping tool, ‘The Terminator’ volume tool, Liquidity & SFP tool and Investor Toolkit; as we build more tools they are added for subscribers. Predator indicator sold separately.

Premium Trading Tool Pack

Includes new and improved version of popular ‘Predator’ indicator created by filbfilb. Rolls volume, trend, choppyness and ATR analysis into one indicator giving a clear read of the market, as well as including everything in the standard indicator package. A must have for traders.

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