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by decentrader · September 19, 2023

GM. Bitcoin is pushing higher at $27,350, up +9.7% since last weeks’ lows. Predator is green across all timeframes except the weekly. And US lawmakers advance plans to block a digital dollar.

Past 24hr performance

What Just Happened

What’s Happening Now

Bitcoin is up 1.87% in the past 24hrs at a current price of $27,350. It is up 9.7% since the lows of last week.

Bitcoin: Predator Thermal Vision is currently bullish across all low to medium timeframes.

Ethereum: More choppy cuirrently with Predator Thermal Vision bearish on 1H, 4H, 3D. Bullish on other timeframes.


FOILS Bitcoin and Ethereum: 

The combined FOILS daily outlook for both Bitcoin and Ethereum is bullish. Open Interest is up along with price, while funding rates and Long/Short ratio remain very low.

One’s To Watch – Commando Intelligence Top Scorers:

Commando market conditions are positive with CELO (Celo) and ROSE (Oasis Network) the top scorers with a Commando score of 3 and Predator low timeframes bullish.

What’s Next

Trend outlook:

The weekly Predator chart remains bearish on current candle but all other timeframes are bullish.

In the calendar this week:

  • Tuesday / Wednesday, September 19th/20th: Federal Reserve two-day meeting.
  • Thursday, September 21th: US GDP second estimate of Q2 2023 GDP released.
  • Friday, September 22nd: Eurozone Manufacturing PMI data released.
  • Friday, September 22nd: UK Manufacturing PMI data released.

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