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by decentrader · April 5, 2024

GM. Bitcoin price has pulled back after yesterday’s run-up to $69,000. Current price is $66,950. Cathie Wood states that Bitcoin is a hedge against ‘horrible’ government fiscal policy.

Past 24hr performance

What Just Happened

What’s Happening Now

Bitcoin is up 1.28% in the past 24hrs at a current price of $66,950. So far this year Bitcoin is now up +58.2%.

Ethereum is down 1.11% in the past 24hrs, while Solana has pulled back even more, slumping 5.24%.

Predator Thermal Vision

Bitcoin: Predator Thermal Vision is only bullish on the 4hr timeframe.

Ethereum: Predator Thermal Vision is bearish across high timeframes of 12H, 1D, and 3D.

Sniper Support Levels

Key support levels for Bitcoin on the daily timeframe are highlighted by the Sniper tool. $65,250 level is currently holding, below it is $59,750 and then $51,600.


What’s Next

3-Day Predator trend outlook:



Macro calendar key events for next week:

  • Wednesday 10 April: USA: Core CPI March.
  • Wednesday 10 April: USA: FOMC Meeting Minutes.
  • Thursday 11 April: EU: ECB Interest Rate Decision.
  • Friday 12 April: UK: GDP Feb.

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