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by decentrader · February 8, 2024

GM. Bitcoin price is trending up for the 4th day in a row but is now approaching Sniper resistance. $BTC current price is $44,650. In the news, Michael Saylor is now calling Microstrategy a ‘Bitcoin development company’.

Past 24hr performance

What Just Happened

What’s Happening Now

Bitcoin is up 4.19% in the past 24hrs at a current price of $44,650. Ethereum is up +2.63% at $2,420.

Bitcoin: Predator Thermal Vision is bullish across nearly all lower timeframes, but remains red on the 3-day.

Ethereum: Predator Thermal Vision is slightly more bearish on the lower timeframes for Ethereum currently.

Sniper: Bitcoin approaching resistance:

Using the Decentrader Sniper tool, $BTC has now trended up over the past few days towards key resistance levels of $44,900 and $45,300.

Commando Intelligence:

With Bitcoin slowly trending up, certain altcoin opportunities are appearing on the latest print.

Ripple (XRP), EOS (EOS), and Kyber Network (KNC) all scoring 2.11 and are green on Predator 30M and 1hr timeframes.

What’s Next

High time frame trend outlook:

The weekly Predator chart continues to be trending bullish with green candles in recent weeks.

Macro calendar for the remainder of this week:

Thursday, February 8, 2024:

  • European Union: ECB Economic Bulletin
  • USA: Initial Jobless Claims

Friday, February 9, 2024:

  • UK: GDP (Q4 – Preliminary)
  • European Union: German GDP (Q4 – Preliminary)
  • USA: University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment (Feb – Preliminary)


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