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by decentrader · August 29, 2023

GM. Bitcoin continues to range at $26,100. Predator indicators turning more bullish on lower timeframes. And concerns grow over proposed new US crypto regulations.

Past 24hr performance

What Just Happened

What’s Happening Now

Bitcoin is up +0.24% in the past 24hrs at a current price of $26,041. It is up 57.73% so far this year.

Bitcoin: Predator Thermal Vision is amber on hourly, green on mid timeframes 2H, 4H, 12H, but remains bearish on high timeframes 1D and 3D.

Ethereum: Bullish on low-to-mid timeframes with exception of 1H. Predator remains bearish on 1D and 3D.

FOILS Bitcoin and Ethereum: 
The combined FOILS daily outlook for both Bitcoin and Ethereum is neutral with limited movements in Open Interest, Funding Rates and Long/Short Ratio over the past 24hrs.

One’s To Watch – Commando Intelligence Top Scorers:
There are currently five coins with a Commando score above 1.75, highlighting some potential upside opportunities. Polkadot (DOTUSD) is the current top scorer with a score of 2.22.

What’s Next

Trend outlook:
The weekly Predator chart remains bearish.

In the calendar this week:

  • Wednesday, August 30th: US Federal Reserve releases its Beige Book report which provides an overview of the US economy.
  • Thursday, September 1st: European Central Bank (ECB) monetary policy meeting.
  • Friday, September 2nd: The US Bureau of Labor Statistics will release its monthly jobs report which includes data on employment and unemployment rates in the US.

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