• Market Update:
  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin Correction – Is It Over?

    by decentrader · November 27, 2021

    As shared via a public update Livestream we highlighted that following the rejection at $69.8k, we had received a warning candle on the 3-day...

  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin to Rally After Taproot Upgrade?

    by decentrader · November 12, 2021

    Many people do not realise it, but Bitcoin is about to have its first major upgrade in years.  In the next couple of days, the Bitcoin Taproot...

  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin – Ready To Rally After The Pullback

    by decentrader · October 29, 2021

    Bitcoin spent much of the past week retracing after a failed attempt to break above all-time-highs. At the time of writing price is now attempting to...

  • Market Update:
  • Market Update:

    Market Update: The Return of The Bull: Part 2.

    by decentrader · October 8, 2021

    In my previous market update, we discussed an expectation that Bitcoin would retest the 20 WMA and would need to find demand there to remain bullish...

  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin $85,000 Next Major Target

    by decentrader · September 16, 2021

    With the exception of a brief fakeout, Bitcoin has continued to broadly consolidate under major resistance for nearly six weeks now. This week has...

  • Market Update:

    Market Update: The Return of The Bull

    by decentrader · September 10, 2021

    In my previous market update, I mentioned that one of the major things we were looking for, for Bitcoin to resume the bullish trend, was a reclaim of...

  • Market Update:

    Market Update – Retrace before run up?

    by decentrader · August 19, 2021

    Bitcoin price action has stalled in recent days as price failed to reach $50,000 following a strong rally in recent weeks from the lows of $29,000...

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