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  • Market Update:

    Market Update – Surfacing The Alpha

    by decentrader · March 11, 2022

    Bitcoin has continued to chop up and down as it struggles to find a meaningful trend direction this week.  There have been failed rallies in the...

  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin’s Rising Tide – Market Update

    by decentrader · March 4, 2022

    Bitcoin remains trapped within the macro range it has now sat since January of 2022.  After a swift move up on Monday morning, Bitcoin broke the 50...

  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin Update in the Context of War

    by decentrader · February 24, 2022

    Earlier today Russia began its invasion of Ukraine.  Markets have unsurprisingly reacted negatively to this news, and Bitcoin is no exception.  ...

  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin – Looking Stronger!

    by decentrader · February 11, 2022

    Our previous Market Update on 28 January was appropriately named ‘Finally, Some Green Shoots of Optimism’.  The price of $BTC was at $37,000...

  • Market Update:
  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin – Emergency Update!

    by decentrader · January 21, 2022

    As mentioned in our previous update, a move towards $38k seemed likely for Bitcoin, which is where we find ourselves in the early hours of 21st of...

  • Market Update:
  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin – Make or break?

    by decentrader · December 17, 2021

    For the past week, Bitcoin price action has kept traders guessing, as it chops around in a range between $45,800 to $51,300 with funding rates that...

  • Market Update:
  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin Correction – Is It Over?

    by decentrader · November 27, 2021

    As shared via a public update Livestream we highlighted that following the rejection at $69.8k, we had received a warning candle on the 3-day...

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